Body Language Flirting — The Casual Touch

Have you had a time where you’re talking to a cute new girl, and you guys seem to have hit it off, and she keeps touching you lightly?  She might brush against you as she walks past, or touch your shoulder as she laughs at something said.  These are all casual body language flirting gestures, and learning to both pick up on them and do them can greatly help you with girls.

First off, just what does it mean when she casually touches you?  Girls are very aware of their proximity to you, and unless they’re falling over drunk, are not going to bump into you unless they’re at least comfortable, if not attracted, to you.  So if you’re walking around a party, and she touches you shoulder to should, or better yet, chest to side, as she walks by, she’s showing interest.

At the same time, there is such a thing as polite, friendly casual touch.  Just because she keeps tapping your shoulder as you guys talk doesn’t mean she has any real sexual interest.  This is a time where it helps to know what type of person she is.  Some touchy-feely girls will do this to any guy they remotely like on a friend level, and in fact it’s this behavior that sometimes gets guy complaining about girls being teases.

What you need to look for is how she touches other men.  If she’s the flirty life of the party type, and you see her joking around with many guys and casually touching them, don’t take it seriously.  On the other hand, if she’s pretty shy and reserved, then even a light shoulder touch speaks volumes.

Another powerful flirty sign to look for is how she reacts when sitting down near you.  If she’s comfortable brushing up against you side to side, or leaning in to you, at the very least she trusts you, and is probably at least a little attracted.

Here’s the tricky part of all this:  while you can put different flirting signs together for a guesstimate on whether or not she likes you, the only absolute of body language is knowing if she doesn’t like you.  Unfair, isn’t it?  Still, you need to give extra weight to a girl’s negative body language signals, at least if you want to avoid embarrassment with peers.

The best way to handle body language flirting signals like the casual touch is as part of a whole.  If a girl likes talking to you and laughs at every she says, while occasionally touching you, and while showing other flirty signs…then it’s on, and you should go for it sooner or later.  On the other hand, if you’re getting mixed signals, wait for the situation to change to make your move.

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