Body Language Flirting — Three Lower Body Signals

Last time we looked at some signs a girl likes you, but the signals go way deeper than what I went over there.  We’re going to have a little body language flirting 101 class here, starting with the most subtle tell of a girl:  her feet.

I’m being dead serious, for this reason:  people have conscious control over the top of their bodies (ie the head), but the lower you go the less easily they can set their body language.  For example, I can pretty easily fake my facial expression.  It won’t be 100% natural, but I can probably fake it well enough.  Meanwhile, if I wanted to control nervous gestures in my hands, I could probably do that too.

What I can’t do is easily control my feet.  The lower you look on someone’s body, the less they’re consciously controlling what they do…which makes the feet one of the best places to read sincere signs.  With all that background, let’s take a look at what body language flirting signals a girl can send with her lower body:

1.  The feet:  pay attention to where they point.  When we like someone and want to hear them, we turn our feet towards them.  When we don’t want to talk to someone yet they insist on talking to us, we’ll turn out feet away from them towards the nearest exit (or person who can rescue us).  Seen from far away, it literally looks like the person is getting ready to run away.

In practical terms, every now and then glance at the ground and see where everyone’s feet is pointing.  If you’re talking to a girl and her feet are locked towards you, it’s a good sign.  On the other hand…if she looks like she’s ready to run to the hills, do yourself a favor and gracefully exit.  Especially if she’s using the dreaded thin-lipped smile of polite dismissal ;)

2.  The knees:  how a girl bends her knees says a lot about where you are with her.  If you’re both sitting down, and she puts one knee on top of the other, it’s a strong flirty signal.  She’s showing off her (hopefully) sexy legs, and better yet, it’s generally involuntary–she may aware that she’s being flirty, but she’s not likely to notice that it’s in the legs.

signsagirllikesyou bodylanguageflirting kneescrossed scaled Body Language Flirting    Three Lower Body SignalsNote the knees crossed.  What other flirting gestures are she showing?

3.  The shoe dangle:  here’s a bonus tip, especially in the days of Summer and sandals.  Sometimes you’ll notice a girl hold one leg slightly off the ground, and then let her foot dangle in the air.  Oftentimes she’ll also let her shoe slip off the back of the foot, and hover in mid-air.  This is another “look at me” gesture that girls are rarely conscious of, but is a strong positive signal to notice.

There’s a quick and dirty primer on body language flirting signals that girls commonly do.  The key take-away is watch that lower body–discreetly–for signals that girls cannot easily fake.  Also, anytime I’m talking to a standing group, I pay attention to where the feet are pointing…it will tell you at a glance whether they’re into what you’re saying or if they’re eager to end the discussion.

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