Flirting Signs of the Voice

We’ve mostly talked about physical 
signs of a girl liking you,  but there are far more to look for.  One of the more interesting flirting signs is the voice, which can be a powerful and involuntary indicator of interest.

The first question about her voice is this:  how does she normally talk?  If she’s usually hyper and excitable, with her voice always animated, and then when talking to you she suddenly gets more quiet and reserved…then odds are she likes you.

The tricky part of this is that some girls are so naturally breezy that they manage to always sound chipper, even when talking to someone they actively dislike.  You need to get a baseline on her about whether or not she’s usually like that before deciding.

It helps to remember that when a girl is around a guy she likes, she almost always gets more nervous in some way.  Even the smoothest playerette will subtly change, with her voice getting just a touch higher or lower than usual.

Also, most people aren’t that great at faking vocal tones.  They can force their words to come out one way or the other, but their true feelings will be betrayed by subtle differences from their baseline.

Another one of the flirting signs to look for is that with both men and women, we exaggerate the differences in male/female speech when we’re around attractive members of the opposite sex.  Male voices get lower in pitch, while female voices go higher, heightening the sexual differences for greater effect.  

This is usually a difficult sign to read when you’re talking to a girl that you like, but if you ever notice her voice suddenly sounding much higher than normal, then you’re on the right track with her.

The speaking voice can be a source of subtle flirting signs, though reading them is a more advanced skill.  I recommend listening for two aspects:  1) if her voice sounds either noticeably more reserved or excited than normal, and 2) whether her voice higher pitched than normal.  These two will give you a good indication of whether or not she feels attracted to you.

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