Women Flirting — All About Tension

Recognizing the signs a girl likes you can be a tricky matter, but it helps if you break it down to the smaller parts.  One key concept is being able to recognize the signals of women flirting with you.

My favorite way is by looking for tension.  This is a sometimes misunderstood word, as most people think it’s negative…but the right kind of tension will do good for your dating life.  

What you want to look for is her being ever-so-slightly nervous around you.  When girls get excited over a guy–AKA when they meet a guy that they like–they will get fidget far more and show more nervous gestures than they usually would.

One classic sign is the hair play.  If you notice a girl twirling the ends of a strand of hair, or if she starts adjusting and pushing her hair back over and over again, she’s showing that right kind of tension.

Other good gestures to look for are adjusting her clothes–especially when she pulls them back and tighter–touching her nose or other parts of her face, and constantly moving her hands or fingers around.

On the flip side, let’s look at how a girl will act when she’s not feeling any tension around you, suggesting that she isn’t attracted to you.  She’ll be more calm and relaxed, will let her hair dangle freely, won’t put any effort in shifting her clothes and body position around to look more attractive, and will generally be chill.  She may even smile more like this, as she feels more at ease.

The key problem here, however, is that she’ll be sending these signs because she’s not feeling it…basically, there’s no indication of women flirting with you here.  You’re as attractive to her as hanging out with her brother.  Harsh, perhaps, but true more often than not…you are far better off with a girl acting tense than one casually relaxed.

Basically, when it comes to signs of women flirting, a little tension goes a long ways.  If she’s seems just a little bit nervous and self-conscious around you, then it’s because she’s feeling a vibe and is showing it.  One funny male-female difference is that guys hate it when a girl makes them nervous…but women actually like that feeling of butterflies in the stomach and excitement.  Learn to appreciate the tension yourself, and you’ll do far better at picking up on the signs a girl likes you.

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